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What is an eScript? 

An eScript, or electronic prescription, is a digital version of a traditional paper prescription. Instead of receiving a physical paper from your doctor, eScripts are sent to you via SMS or email. eScripts not only reduces the paper trail but also enhances the convenience for both patients and healthcare providers by enabling prescriptions to be managed and filled online. 

When ordering your medication from Chemist2U with an eScript, you simply upload your eScript to the app, place your order, and a Chemist2U driver will deliver your medication directly to your door. It’s as easy as that!  

But if you have a paper script, it’s more complicated… and costly! Because, in Australia, pharmacists are legally required to have a physical copy of your paper prescription before they can fill the script. This means that when you order with a paper script, two Chemist2U drivers and two trips are required.  One to pick up your script and take it to the pharmacy, and one to then collect your medication and deliver it to you. This incurs a Paper Script Collection and Return Fee of $13.95, in addition to the delivery fee.  

Next time, avoid this additional cost by simply asking your doctor for an eScript! 

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How do repeat eScripts work?

eScripts come in the form of a QR code sent to you via SMS or email. They are an modern electronic version of traditional paper prescriptions.  

eScripts store your repeat scripts for each medication, and each time your medication is dispensed, a new QR code token will be sent to you by your pharmacy. 

It is important to keep the original SMS or email containing the QR code sent by your healthcare professional; otherwise, you will have to see your GP again. Chemist2U’s app is a great place to keep all your prescriptions in one spot and track your supply.

Do eScripts cost more money? 

No, eScripts do not cost more than traditional paper prescriptions. In fact, they mean you can avoid paying the $13.95 Paper Script Collection and Return Fee when ordering from Chemist2U.  

eScripts can also be issued through telehealth consultations, which can be handy when you are not able to visit your regular doctor. Using eScripts also minimise the risk of lost or damaged prescriptions which might otherwise necessitate another doctor’s visit for replacement. 

Can all GPs issue eScripts?

As of January 2024, “over 189 million electronic prescriptions have been issued since May 2020, by more than 80,000 prescribers – GPs and nurse practitioners.” (Digital Health Gov, 2024). 

Since the introduction of eScripts, adoption rates have soared across various regions, driven by the need for safer and more efficient healthcare processes. This was especially highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of recent data, the majority of GPs and health clinics are equipped to provide eScripts, with more joining as the digital infrastructure in healthcare continues to evolve.  

Benefits of switching to eScripts


The healthcare industry rapidly adopted digital approaches during the Covid-19 pandemic, including transitioning from paper prescriptions to eScripts. Since May 2020, over 100 million electronic prescriptions have been issued by more than 50,000 general practitioners and nurses. Today, the majority of pharmacies in Australia accept eScripts, providing fast and secure access to medications. 

Improved accuracy 

eScripts are digital prescriptions sent by healthcare providers via email or SMS, reducing the risk of lost paper prescriptions and the hassle of remembering refill dates. At Chemist2U, patients can easily upload their eScript using the mobile app or website, which also features a Script Tracker for storing and managing your scripts. 

Efficient management of repeat prescriptions 

eScripts simplify the process of managing repeat prescriptions by digitally storing them. When a refill is needed, the pharmacy generates a new QR code token for authentication

Switch to eScripts today to benefit from these improvements in convenience, accuracy, and efficiency! 

How to make the switch

Making the switch is simple. During your next appointment with your doctor, just mention that you would like an eScript. Alternatively, you can download our eScript Request Letter template to send to your doctor, by clicking the download button below.

Ask your doctor for an eScript

We've made the switch to eScripts even easier with this request letter for your doctor.

Download letter

Once you have enjoyed the benefits of eScripts you will never look back!


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