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Service is absolutely amazing


The customer service is absolutely amazing, they are great people. Service is smooth, and the delivery is so quick I couldn’t believe it the first time I had ordered. The online pharmacy app is also very helpful. Thank you so much Chemist2U employees.

Excellent service


Excellent service. Pharmacists called the next day to check that I was comfortable with the script/medication

Order tracking


I have used Chemist2U for about 12 months and found the app very easy to use and order on. The call centre has been friendly and helpful if any problems. Plus delivery is same day and has a helpful tracking of order.

Fast, reliable and efficient


I came across online pharmacy Chemist2U a couple of months ago and have been using it for my weekly medication since then. It’s fast, reliable and efficient for a full time Mum.

Customer communication is next level


The prompt service and customer communication is next level. Highly recommend this online pharmacy service.

Website user friendly


Great service. The website is user friendly and meds delivered that afternoon. Easy!

Super convenient


Fantastic, user-friendly app. Super convenient online chemist had delivery same day. Recommend highly!

Easy to use


Quick and easy to use, would recommend. So good to get my medication delivered to my door.

Delivered within an hour


Had my first experience using Chemist2U. Had Brandon assist and get my medications delivered within an hour of placing the order. Highly impressed with the friendly and prompt service provided by Brandon! Will definitely be back again!

Delivered within a couple of hours


I am stuck at home with Covid. I was able to order cold & flu tabs, nasal spray and cough medicine and they were delivered within a couple of hours from a local pharmacy. So convenient, I highly recommend.

Super convenient


Fantastic, user-friendly app. Super convenient online chemist had delivery same day. Recommend highly!

Great advice, amazing service

H Maxwell

Thank you Brandon for making a totally stressful day so easy with some great advice, amazing service and a
same-day delivery.


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Imagine getting your prescriptions without braving Perth’s peak-hour traffic or waiting in line at your local chemist. At Chemist2U, we’re transforming this into a reality, making us the online platform Perth trusts for their medication needs. 

If you’re scouring the search results for ‘chemist Perth’ in hopes of connecting with your local pharmacy, join us as we redefine the way you access medicine. 

We embrace a customer-focused approach that prioritises your health and convenience. Discover how we’re harnessing the power of technology to change the way Australians access their medication, turning a once time-consuming task into an effortless, personalised experience.


Unveiling the role and progression of chemists in Perth


Tracing the rise and evolution of online pharmacies

Online chemists are relatively new in Australia, but their importance and reach came to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for safe, accessible health solutions from the comfort of home led to an upsurge in their usage. 

Today, people look up terms like ‘chemist Perth’ or ‘chemist Canberra’ and search for online pharmacies available in their locations. They’re not just an alternative but a preferred option for many, given the convenience and choice they offer.

Closing the gap: the shift from physical to online pharmacies

The concept of an online chemist, also known as an e-pharmacy, is bridging the divide between traditional pharmacies and the digital realm. From placing medication orders online to home deliveries, these platforms offer a seamless, convenient, and efficient health solution. 

Whether they’re online-only pharmacies, digital arms of brick-and-mortar stores, or networks of local pharmacies, they’ve become an essential service in modern healthcare. They represent a new era for any chemist Perth-wide and beyond, providing care when and where you need it. 

Plus, these online platforms offer the same service traditional pharmacies have so you’re not missing out. Like here at Chemist2U, our customers can ask a pharmacist to enjoy the personal touch and expert advice you used to find only at brick-and-mortar pharmacies.


Pioneering a new pharmacy era

Getting acquainted

The brainchild of Dr Matthew Cullen, Chemist2U, was born out of an enduring vision to transform the pharmacy experience while he juggled medical school with a delivery driver job at a local pharmacy. 

We aim to offer seamless access to necessary medications by delivering them and helping you manage your prescriptions. We join hands with local community pharmacies, ensuring your prescription medications are filled by qualified pharmacists and delivered to your doorstep on the same day.

Ingenious solutions

If you’ve used medicine in the past, you’re likely aware of the issues that traditional pharmacies often face. From long wait times to restrictive operational hours and location accessibility, it can be tough for customers to secure their medications. This is where Chemist2U steps in as a practical solution. 

If you’re looking for a chemist Perth-wide and beyond, we offer a user-friendly platform that facilitates home delivery of your prescriptions. 

Our partnership with local community pharmacies enables us to offer same-day delivery. Just place your order before the cutoff time (typically 2:00 p.m., but it may vary in some locations) and receive your items before the day ends. This is an offering that spells convenience for those who find it challenging to visit a physical pharmacy or simply value doorstep delivery.

Exceptional customer service and compassionate care

At Chemist2U, we believe in extending more than just a service; we offer empathetic support and a commitment to your health. By assisting with the home delivery of medicines, we strive to alleviate some of the stress associated with managing your condition. 

We are committed to making a positive impact on medication adherence through compassionate support and consistent availability. It’s our way of telling customers looking for a trusted chemist Perth has to offer that they aren’t alone in their treatment.


The hassles of traditional pharmacy and our unique solution

Pinpointing traditional pharmacy troubles

Time constraints, physical inability due to medical conditions, the distance of the pharmacy, additional travel costs, long waiting lines, and uncertain medication availability are all challenges customers often face with traditional pharmacies. These concerns become amplified for those in need of regular medication, making it a chore to maintain consistent supply.

Transforming pharmacy experience

From chronically ill patients to occasional customers, Chemist2U is changing the game. By offering a convenient service, we bring your prescriptions and other pharmacy needs to your doorstep. 

Our user-friendly platform eliminates the need to queue at the pharmacy, saving you time and enhancing your convenience. There’s no need to travel to the closest chemist Hobart has to offer or look up the best chemist Perth-wide.

Alongside medications, you can also add common pharmacy items like feminine and sexual health products to your cart, ensuring you have everything you need from your trusted Perth pharmacy.

Advantages of choosing Chemist2U

With Chemist2U, you are connected to a trusted chemist in your area that can fulfill your prescription, and we deliver your items to your doorstep, saving you time and energy. Scheduling your deliveries in advance could also support better patient medication adherence and improved health outcomes. 

If you need answers to general pharmacy questions, feel free to use our Ask a Pharmacist service. But please don’t mistake this service for a medical opinion. Need immediate help? Call your GP or emergency medical services.

Script Tracker: your personal medication manager

Understanding the Script Tracker

The Script Tracker is a free, user-friendly tool that keeps all your scripts in one place, ensuring your medication is always within reach. It’s designed to manage all your medications, regardless of whether they are supplied by us, a Perth-based chemist, or any other chemist in Australia.

Staying on top of medication

If you’ve previously ordered prescription medication from us, you’ll find it preloaded into your Script Tracker. The tool also offers the convenience of one-click reordering and provides timely repeat reminders. Uploading new scripts, even for those in your care, is easy, making Script Tracker a comprehensive solution for your medication management needs.

How to use Script Tracker

Getting started with Script Tracker is as simple as downloading the Chemist2U app for free. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll find the Script Tracker feature ready to assist in managing your medication from a local chemist in Perth. Script Tracker will make the management of your medication a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do online chemists work?

Through our online platform, Chemist2U connects you with a local Australian chemist for your prescription medicine and over-the-counter goods. 

Once you place your order on our platform, your prescription is processed by a pharmacy in your area. For example, if you’re in Prospect, you’ll be connected to a local and trusted chemist Adelaide has to offer. They then prepare your medications, and Chemist2U will deliver your items from the chemist straight to your doorstep.

Are online pharmacies more expensive?

No. All pricing for our prescription medication is based on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme’s (PBS) Dispensed Price for Maximum Quantity (DMPQ). This provides savings of between $5 and $6 for each prescription order compared to the PBS General Patient Charge. 

And with us, you not only save on your medicines but also avoid transportation costs, making us a great way for Australians searching for a chemist Perth-wide to access the medication they need.

Do online chemists offer same-day deliveries?

Yes. If you place your order before the cut-off time (it varies by location, but typically it’s around 2 p.m.), you will most likely receive your delivery that day. 

From the peaceful serenity of Fremantle to the rich heritage of Guildford and the beachside haven of Cottesloe, we serve as the bridge between you and a trusted chemist Perth has to offer, ensuring everyone has easy and swift access to necessary medications.

Navigating chronic illness or managing the occasional cold should not be an added stressor. Beyond reaching out to customers from Scarborough’s coastline to South Perth’s verdant suburbs, our mission to simplify medication management extends to all corners of Australia. We could assist you, whether you’re looking for a chemist Sydney-wide or the nearest chemist Brisbane has to offer. 

With Chemist2U, you’re in control of your medication, and we work relentlessly to ensure it’s there when you need it. We’ve bridged the gap between you and your nearest pharmacy. 

Order your medications online with Chemist2U today!