Medicine and more delivered to your door from just $4.95

Enter your details to get FREE DELIVERY on your first order

Enter your details to get FREE DELIVERY on your first order

Same day delivery for scripts and all your pharmacy needs

Whether you have an e-script or a paper based script we can help you manage your prescription and medication adherence.

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Chemist2U brings medicine and more delivered to your door. Created to make sure you receive your medication in an easy and convenient way, Chemist2U has partnered with pharmacies all across Australia, to give you same day delivery for scripts and all your pharmacy needs.

We partner with local pharmacies all across Australia

” . . Chemist2U will appeal to many people, from time-poor Australians; mums and dads with young children; to customers who don’t have access to transport or have to rely on their carer, family or friends going out to make these purchases.

Especially in this time of advised social distancing we are excited to be part of the Chemist2U network . . “

Nick Pearson | Aspley Day & Night Pharmacy


Scripts, pharmacy products and over the counter medicines.

What our customers say


Found by accident, I have been turned away by quite a few pharmacies as the script that I needed is in short supply. I downloaded the app, which is easy to navigate, the response was instant, you then choose whether or not you accept the order which gives you a price, you are then given an estimate of when to expect the delivery. In my case, the script was delivered within the timeframe by a very courteous staff member of the pharmacy.”


Product Review

“Well designed and easy to use app. Great customer service and speedy delivery. Have used today and will use again.”


App Store Review

“Used the service today for the first time. Terrific communication via messenger and helpful with questions re delivery time. Fantastic service. Thanks.”


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Need a Script ?

As a general rule we recommend you get your medication prescribed by your own GP.

We know sometimes this can be difficult, so we have partnered with InstantScripts to help cover those situations where you need a script to get your medicine delivered in a hurry

Fast, safe and secure online scripts issued by a Certified Australian GP and delivered by Chemist2U.

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Enter your details to get FREE DELIVERY on your first order

Chemist 2 U Australia Pty Ltd
Address: 702, 10-14 Waterloo St
Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia

* $4.95 Delivery fee for orders over $30 or orders which include a script. Orders under $30 not including a script may attract a higher delivery fee.

Delivery estimates are based on pharmacy business hours. This is subject to Chemist 2U's confirmation of your order and is a guideline only. If an order is confirmed, Chemist 2U will use reasonable endeavours to deliver your order to the relevant address by the time stipulated in the app, though we cannot guarantee this. Factors that may change the delivery time include when an order is placed (e.g. if it is placed outside of designated delivery or order hours), or any adverse weather or traffic conditions. We will contact you as soon as possible in the event of an unavoidable delay to make alternative arrangements.

You should not rely on Chemist 2U’s predicted delivery times or service availability to guarantee access to your health and medical needs. Any medication that is critical to your health or required to be taken on a strict schedule should be ordered well ahead of time, and you should not rely on Chemist 2U for urgent deliveries. Chemist 2U is a distribution provider and does not sell therapeutic goods.