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If you’re too busy to get to the chemist, stuck at home or at work, simply tap on our app and take a photograph of your script. Then tell us what you need and we’ll deliver to your door.*

More than just medicine

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We put your health first.

It’s called ‘bed rest’, not ‘waiting in line at the chemist rest.’ That’s why we bring your medicine right to you, when you need it, wherever you are.

Sick baby? We’ll come to your crib

Nurse your sick child back to health without leaving home. We deliver infant medication, nappies, milk formula and more. Parents and children can rest easy, knowing help is on the way.

Repeat script reminders.

We can send you a reminder alert when your repeat script is about to run out. This ensures you’re taking your medication as prescribed by your Doctor, saving you worry and keeping your health on track.

We believe in putting your health first

“I’ll soldier on . . .”

“I’ll get it on the weekend . . . ”

“I’m running low on my medication but I’ll probably be OK . . . ”

Too often, life gets busy or in the way of our good health.

Chemist2U was founded upon the belief that the best way to help people take better care of themselves and their loved ones is by removing the hurdles that prevent them from doing so. Rest easy and don’t worry about going to the chemist, let us come to you.

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Chemist 2 U Australia Pty Ltd
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* Delivery estimates are based on pharmacy business hours. This is subject to Chemist 2U's confirmation of your order and is a guideline only. If an order is confirmed, Chemist 2U will use reasonable endeavours to deliver your order to the relevant address by the time stipulated in the app, though we cannot guarantee this. Factors that may change the delivery time include when an order is placed (e.g. if it is placed outside of designated delivery or order hours), or any adverse weather or traffic conditions. We will contact you as soon as possible in the event of an unavoidable delay to make alternative arrangements.

You should not rely on Chemist 2U’s predicted delivery times or service availability to guarantee access to your health and medical needs. Any medication that is critical to your health or required to be taken on a strict schedule should be ordered well ahead of time, and you should not rely on Chemist 2U for urgent deliveries. Chemist 2U is a distribution provider and does not sell therapeutic goods.