Top 3 reasons you should switch to an eScript

The Covid-19 pandemic saw the healthcare industry accelerate its move from traditional, paper prescriptions to digital, eScripts.

Did you know? More than 50,000 GPs and nurses have issued over 100 million electronic prescriptions since May 2020.¹

Most pharmacies across Australia now accept electronic prescriptions, helping you get your medication easily and in a secure way.

What are eScripts?

Electronic prescriptions, also known as eScripts are a digital version of a paper prescription sent by your doctor via email or SMS. eScripts can be easily accessed via a smartphone using a QR code (also known as a ‘token’) or sent to your chosen pharmacy.

eScripts remove the worry of losing paper scripts and remembering when to refill. At Chemist2U you can upload your eScript or paper script through our mobile app or website, which then are saved into the Script Tracker under the “account” tab in our app.

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How do repeat eScripts work?

eScripts store your repeat scripts for each medication, and each time your medication is dispensed, a new QR code token will be sent to you by your pharmacy.

It is important to keep the original SMS or email containing the QR code sent by your healthcare professional; otherwise, you will have to see your GP again. Chemist2U’s app makes receiving your prescription medication simple by storing and helping you manage your eScripts securely and easily.

Three reasons why you should make the switch to eScripts:

1. Convenience

eScripts remove the need to visit your doctor in person to collect the prescription, as they can be sent electronically. 

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2. Accuracy

eScripts are more accurate as they remove the risk of hard to read handwriting since doctors and nurses enter eScripts directly into pharmacy systems. This eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation related to dosage amounts and types of medication.

3. Time-saving

eScripts are great in saving you and your doctor time. With Chemist2U’s eScript and delivery service, you can have your medication (excluding Schedule 8 medications) delivered straight to your door using our same day delivery services.

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¹ Digital Health 2022

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