Stay on top of your medication with Script Tracker

Script Tracker has all your scripts in one spot to help ensure you always have the medication you need. 

It’s free to use and can be used for all your medications, not just those supplied by us.  But if you have ordered prescription medication from us previously, we’ve it preloaded in your Script Tracker.

You’ll find Script Tracker in the Chemist2U app (see ‘Account’) .

Thousands of chemists

Stay on top of your medication with Script Tracker

Script Tracker has all your scripts in one spot to help ensure you always have the medication you need.  

It’s free to use and can be used for all your medications, not just those supplied by us. 

You’ll find Script Tracker in the Chemist2U app (see ‘Account’) .

Thousands of chemists
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In one spot

Use it for all your medications, not just those ordered from Chemist2U


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With one-click reordering.

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Including for people in your care.

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It will keep you on top of your medication and it’s free to use.

Thousands of chemists

Manage your medications easily with Script Tracker in the Chemist2U app

Keep forgetting to drop by the pharmacy to get your medications? We’ve all been there. It’s one of the reasons why Chemist2U was created. Instead of having to visit a pharmacy to get your essential medications, we’re bringing the chemist to you through our online platform.

Besides offering a convenient way to access the medications you need, we also have our medicine and script tracker app – a convenient, easy-to-navigate solution, for customers across Australia to order and manage their medication. 

Whether it’s treating chronic illnesses or tackling the occasional cold, Script Tracker ensures your medication is always just a click away. Intrigued? Dive deeper to discover how we’re making medication easy and how you can use the Chemist2U app to take control of your scripts.

Tradition versus technology

Traditional pharmacy: The disadvantages

One drawback of traditional pharmacies is that they’re not always accessible or convenient. Not everyone has a pharmacy nearby, or the time and energy to go back and forth to a chemist for their medication. For some, especially those in chronic pain or with bustling schedules, the physical effort or long queues can be quite taxing. When you’re ill, leaving home is the last thing you want to do.

Bridging the gap: script apps

The emergence of prescription apps presents an innovative solution. These apps allow you to upload prescriptions, have a pharmacist fill them for you before they are delivered to your doorstep. It’s the modern chemist experience we all deserve.

Technology: Enabling new medication services

There’s no denying the significant role of technology in revolutionising healthcare. Electronic health records for improved patient care, enhanced communication among doctors, and better patient outcomes – the list of benefits is extensive. Above all, technology’s role in making access to needed medicine faster and easier is truly game-changing.

Embracing chemist apps

A gateway to convenience

A pharmacy app redefines accessibility to healthcare by allowing you to order medication by uploading an e prescription (or photo of a paper script) online. These chemist apps are steadily gaining popularity thanks to the sheer convenience they offer.

A solution for accessibility and location woes

Whether it’s due to mobility issues or geographical constraints, visiting a physical pharmacy isn’t always possible. Online medicine apps come as a boon for such patients, ensuring they can access their essential medicines even when a pharmacy or loved ones are out of reach.

A friend for regular medication users

For those who require regular or multiple medications, pharmacy apps are nothing short of a blessing. Be it birth control pills, mental health medication, heart medicine, or pain relief that need consistent, timely doses, a reliable tracker keeps you in control, ensuring you don’t miss doses and always have your pills at hand.

This is where we at Chemist2U come in. Ensuring you always have your medication when you need to experience the benefits of adhering to your medication program. And we’re proud to be an innovator in how technology can revolutionise healthcare and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Chemist2U’s Script Tracker: Transforming medication management

A quick overview

Script Tracker empowers you to manage your medication prescriptions effortlessly from your device, with same or next-day delivery options available based on the order timing. 

With all your scripts online and consolidated in one place, Script Tracker ensures you’re never out of your essential medications. It’s a free feature designed for managing all your medications, even those not supplied by us. And for your convenience, we preload your previously ordered prescriptions into your Script Tracker.

Mastering Script Tracker: A step-by-step guide

To get started with Script Tracker, visit the Chemist2U website or download our pharmacy app and register for an account. You’ll then find the Script Tracker feature is available for free under the ‘Account’ section.

Maintaining medication continuity

Script Tracker is designed to prevent any disruptions in your medication regimen. It sends you timely reminders for refill orders and provides a one-click reordering feature, ensuring you never miss a dose. Script Tracker even allows you to upload new scripts, including those for individuals under your care, and reminds you when to order their medications.

Script Tracker is our commitment to making medication management an effortless part of your journey towards better health.

Why choose Chemist2U?

Trusted local pharmacies

We work closely with reliable, licensed local pharmacies – the ones you know and trust. This ensures you receive your medication from reputable sources, coupled with the convenience of same-day delivery for orders placed before the cutoff time (typically 2:00 p.m.). Chemist2U is the ideal choice for those who prefer home delivery or face difficulty with transport .

Ask a Pharmacist service

We understand that you may have questions about your medications or over-the-counter products. That’s why we provide an ‘Ask a Pharmacist’ service, linking you with Australian pharmacists who can answer general questions about your medications and pharmacy products. 

Available through our website, this free service is part of our commitment to making quality health advice easily accessible. You can ask our registered pharmacists about the benefits, potential side effects, and more after you buy ivermectin or a different medication. You can also ask about the difference between the brands of orlistat Australia makes available.

Save more than just money

With us, you save on more than just your medical prescriptions. Our efficient service saves you precious time and energy by eliminating the need to visit a physical chemist. Instead, we bring the pharmacy to you, with quality you can trust and the service you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of using an online prescription app?

A chemist app like the one Chemist2U offers allows you to obtain your prescription medications, along with an array of general pharmacy goods such as cold and flu remedies, feminine hygiene products, mum and baby necessities, sexual health aids, and vitamins and supplements. It’s a comprehensive online solution for your pharmacy needs.

Can an online prescription medication app send reminders for medication refills or renewals?

We at Chemist2U not only track your medications but also send timely reminders for refills or renewals. You’ll never be short of essential medicines.

How easy is it to set up and use an online prescription medication app?

Setting up and using an app like Chemist2U is a breeze. After downloading our free app and creating your account (or logging in), just upload your eScript, snap a photo of your paper script.

A local chemist dispenses your medication, and we deliver it right to your doorstep, workplace, or preferred location. Same-day delivery is available in metro and major regional areas across Australia, making it a truly effortless and highly convenient experience.

With Chemist2U, you’ll find managing your medication is simple and easy. Plus, you’re not alone as our Australian based pharmacy and care team are here to help.