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Service is absolutely amazing


The customer service is absolutely amazing, they are great people. Service is smooth, and the delivery is so quick I couldn’t believe it the first time I had ordered. The online pharmacy app is also very helpful. Thank you so much Chemist2U employees.

Excellent service


Excellent service. Pharmacists called the next day to check that I was comfortable with the script/medication

Order tracking


I have used Chemist2U for about 12 months and found the app very easy to use and order on. The call centre has been friendly and helpful if any problems. Plus delivery is same day and has a helpful tracking of order.

Fast, reliable and efficient


I came across online pharmacy Chemist2U a couple of months ago and have been using it for my weekly medication since then. It’s fast, reliable and efficient for a full time Mum.

Customer communication is next level


The prompt service and customer communication is next level. Highly recommend this online pharmacy service.

Website user friendly


Great service. The website is user friendly and meds delivered that afternoon. Easy!

Super convenient


Fantastic, user-friendly app. Super convenient online chemist had delivery same day. Recommend highly!

Easy to use


Quick and easy to use, would recommend. So good to get my medication delivered to my door.

Delivered within an hour


Had my first experience using Chemist2U. Had Brandon assist and get my medications delivered within an hour of placing the order. Highly impressed with the friendly and prompt service provided by Brandon! Will definitely be back again!

Delivered within a couple of hours


I am stuck at home with Covid. I was able to order cold & flu tabs, nasal spray and cough medicine and they were delivered within a couple of hours from a local pharmacy. So convenient, I highly recommend.

Super convenient


Fantastic, user-friendly app. Super convenient online chemist had delivery same day. Recommend highly!

Great advice, amazing service

H Maxwell

Thank you Brandon for making a totally stressful day so easy with some great advice, amazing service and a
same-day delivery.


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Chemist2U: Connecting you to a chemist Brisbane can rely on

Navigating the dynamic landscape of Brisbane’s pharmacies can feel as winding as the Brisbane River itself. That’s why at Chemist2U, we’re revolutionising the journey by prioritising convenience, compassion, and control. 

Are you tired of typing ‘chemist open now’ into your search engine? Are the conventional limitations of brick-and-mortar pharmacies making things difficult for you and your schedule? 

Experience the Chemist2U difference as we work to help you overcome those challenges and provide a seamless experience. Discovering a chemist Brisbane-wide and beyond has become as easy as ever. Let’s embark on this journey together.

The pharmacy scene in Brisbane

Landscape of Brisbane’s pharmacies

Brisbane’s pharmacy sector is a dynamic ecosystem bustling with both traditional brick-and-mortar stores and emerging digital platforms. It offers a vast array of services, from providing essential medication to dispensing professional health advice, ultimately serving the diverse needs of Brisbane’s population.

Brisbane pharmacy customers’ obstacles

Despite a bustling pharmacy landscape, challenges persist. Customers often struggle with inconsistent opening hours, searching endlessly for terms like ‘chemist Brisbane’, ‘24/7 chemist’ or ’pharmacy near me’. Moreover, access to necessary medications can prove taxing for the chronically ill, particularly those with hectic schedules, mobility issues, or mental health conditions.

The need for easy and accessible pharmacy services

In the face of these challenges, the need for accessible, convenient pharmacy services becomes evident. Inclusivity in health care implies accessible pharmacy services for all, from those managing a temporary ailment to those with chronic illnesses. Our goal at Chemist2U is to bridge this gap, ensuring everyone that is searching for terms like ‘chemist Brisbane’, ‘chemist Hobart’, or ‘chemist Gold Coast’ online has their needs met with compassion, support, and an understanding that your health and well-being are our top priority. Chemist2U partners with over 700 pharmacies Australia-wide including local chemists and established pharmacy chains like Priceline to deliver you a seamless medication delivery experience.

The Chemist2U difference: Revolutionising pharmacy services

The Chemist2U goal

If you’ve been looking for a chemist Brisbane has near you that can fulfill your prescription, Chemist2U connects you to a local pharmacy. Our vision extends beyond providing medication. We aim to become a trusted partner in managing your health, especially for those living with chronic illnesses or mental health issues. With home delivery medication has never been easier!

Addressing challenges with Chemist2U

Chemist2U embraces the potential of technology to overcome the barriers of traditional pharmacy. We understand the difficulties in managing prescriptions, the anxiety of long waiting times, and the struggle for accessibility. We are committed to turning these challenges into a seamless, stress-free experience. 

Going above and beyond with Chemist2U’s services

We believe in value-added services, not just transactions. There’s no need to look for a chemist Brisbane-based online because we provide same-day home delivery services, ensuring that your medications are conveniently brought to your doorstep. You can chat online with a pharmacist for health advice and ask any questions you may have about your medications. At Chemist2U, we are here for you every step of the way.

Chemist2U’s Script Tracker

The crucial role of tracking medication

Maintaining an accurate track of medication usage is an essential part of health management, especially for those with chronic illnesses. It aids in ensuring adherence to prescribed treatments, thereby optimising health outcomes. We recognise the challenge of this task and have turned it into an opportunity to empower you.

Unveiling Script Tracker

Our Script Tracker is an innovative service offered by Chemist2U to simplify your medication management. It acts as your personalised digital diary, keeping an organised record of your medications, dosages, and refill schedules. This tool has been designed to take the stress out of remembering every little detail.

Advantages of Script Tracker in medicine administration

Using our Script Tracker, you can effectively manage your medicines, ensuring you never miss a dose or forget a refill. It brings ease to your daily routine and allows you to focus more on your well-being than the logistics of medication management. Additionally, it can enhance communication with your doctor by providing an accurate history of your medication usage.

At Chemist2U, we believe in providing tools that not only make managing your health easier but also help you feel more in control. With our Script Tracker, you are not alone in your journey to better health; we are with you at every step, making it smoother and more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the easiest way to find a chemist open on weekends in Brisbane?

The easiest way to find a chemist Brisbane has near you is through the Chemist2U platform. We partner with local pharmacies across Australia, including Brisbane, some of which offer extended operating hours for your convenience. To make it even easier, we have partnered with other providers, so you can also order your medication through our partners, for example one of our Uber chemist listings.

Are there any chemists in Brisbane that offer free health consultations or advice?

Yes, some chemists have a private room where you can freely consult about your health and get advice on your medications. However, it’s important to note that the scope and quality of such services can vary. 

At Chemist2U, we believe in going the extra mile. Our online portal offers access to a wealth of health information, and we’re always ready to assist you with advice on managing your health and medications. provides accessible information and advice from knowledgeable professionals. Our aim is to support and empower your health and well-being journey.

Are there any chemists in Brisbane that offer home delivery for medications?

Absolutely. In fact, Chemist2U was created with this exact need in mind. If you’ve been looking for a chemist Brisbane-wide online, we work closely with local pharmacies in Brisbane and other Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth to facilitate home delivery services. Your health is our top priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

At Chemist2U, we’re proud to serve the River City. We understand the unique needs of Brisbanites, from those managing chronic illnesses in the bustling CBD to those battling the occasional cold in the tranquil suburbs of St Lucia and Taringa.

Our Australian-based team is driven by compassion, embodying a hassle-free pharmacy experience whether you’re basking in the sunshine at South Bank or catching a cricket match at the Gabba. We’ve got you covered with our revolutionary Script Tracker, designed to ensure that you never run out of the medication you need.

But our mission doesn’t stop at the city limits of Brisbane. So if you’ve been searching for terms like ‘chemist Sunshine Coast’ or ‘chemist Melbourne’, we’re dedicated to making access to medications easier for all Australians. Whether you’re in the tropical north of Queensland, the vineyards of South Australia, or the sandy beaches of Western Australia, Chemist2U bridges the gap between you and your nearest pharmacy.

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