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by | Dec 19, 2022

New year, new way to receive your medication

In the past, getting medication has always been an in-person transaction – a task requiring us to physically leave home and go to the chemist to fulfill a script or pick up over the counter medicines. 

However, due to technology evolving rapidly during the last two years, going to the pharmacy can now be done online and instantaneously. Yes, that means no queues, allowing you to stay home or spend more time doing activities you love. 

Chemist2U makes getting your prescription and OTC medication effortless, saving you time and money, and removing the worry of running out of much needed prescription medicine. 

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There are three easy steps to change the way you receive your medication:

Head to our website or app
Upload a photo of your paper prescription or your eScript from your doctor
Add any over-the-counter medicines you require.

Your script will then be filled by a qualified pharmacist and delivered same day to your door. We operate all across Australia.

We have partnered with qualified pharmacists nationwide so that you receive the help and medication you need.

We have also partnered with InstantScripts, who can provide eScripts and telehealth appointments with Australian-registered doctors if you cannot get to your local GP.

eScripts are electronic versions of the traditional paper script, which are easily sent from your doctor via email or SMS. Multiple medications can be stored in one eScript, removing the worry of losing the paper script and making them easily accessible.

Chemist2U Script Tracker also stores all your scripts in one spot, so you can see at a glance the supply you have remaining.  Plus, we will send you handy reminders when it looks like it’s time to fill your repeat script.

Do you have a question about your medication?

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Improving your health has become easier than ever with access to doctors and medicine online all from the comfort of your own home. So make 2023 the year you change the way you receive your medication!

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