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Can I order repeat prescriptions

Whether it’s paper or digital prescriptions, Chemist2U always keeps managing your repeats in mind.

  • With paper prescriptions your repeat prescription will be printed at the pharmacy and sent back with your medication. This will be attached with the customer copy of the original script to enable you to reorder. Alternatively, your repeat prescription can be held by the pharmacy, making it even easier if you plan to order your repeat using Chemist2U.
  • With electronic prescriptions, repeats are automatically issued back to you via SMS or email.
  • Chemist2U also provides a reminder service for those with repeat prescriptions. 
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Do I get my prescription back after I order with Chemist2U?

When you order with Chemist2U, we will deliver your medication and you will get your updated prescription with the remaining repeats.

If you order your prescription medication with an eScript, your Chemist2U driver will pick up your medication directly from the chemist, and deliver it to your door. You will receive an SMS or email with your updated prescription.

If you order with a paper script, your Chemist2U driver will pick up your prescription before heading to the pharmacy. The driver will then deliver both your medication and your prescription if you have remaining repeats, to your door.

How do I know when it’s time for a refill?

When you order prescription medicine online with Chemist2U, we securely store this information and email you a reminder when you are required to restock your prescription.

We will also send you reminders when it’s time to reorder your medication.

What happens if my prescription has expired or run out?

If your prescription has expired, or you’ve just ordered your last repeat, you will need to see your GP, either in person or through a Telehealth consultation, to obtain a new prescription.

It is required by law that a doctor must consult you before issuing a prescription, as misuse or incorrect prescription of medication has the potential to worsen your disease or illness, leading to hospitalisation, and even death.

From the women’s contraceptive pill to anxiety, cholesterol or sleep medication and everything in between, a full range of prescription medications is available to you on Chemist2U. This is what you need to do:

  • Simply request a script from your GP
  • Upload your script and place your order with Chemist2U
  • The script will be fulfilled at a pharmacy near you
  • Chemist2U will then deliver your prescription to your home.


Renewing your prescription is fast and secure, and Chemist2U will deliver your prescription and any other pharmacy essentials you need, straight to your home or workplace, with same day or next day delivery.

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