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Top 3 reasons to order prescription medication online

What are online prescriptions?

Online prescriptions (also known as eScripts) are a digital alternative to traditional paper prescriptions used by your doctor or healthcare professional. It comes in the form of a digital QR code that can only be accessed by your pharmacist, which they use to provide you with your medicine.

Online prescriptions are becoming increasingly common in Australia, allowing people to conveniently order the medications they need without having to travel to the pharmacy. This type of service has been made possible by advances in technology and by the increasing acceptance of online healthcare services like Chemist2U.

As of December 2022, it is estimated that over 100 million original and repeat electronic prescriptions had been issued in Australia.¹

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At Chemist2U, we provide convenient access to your online prescription medication with same day prescription medicine delivery. Simply click here to upload your eScript and get your prescription medication delivered today!

Here are 3 reasons why you should make the switch to online prescriptions:

Reason 1: Online prescriptions are easy to access

Online prescriptions are easy to manage and provide a new level of instant access for patients that may not be able to go see a doctor in person. EScripts can be provided by telehealth, through email or SMS, catering to anyone no matter where they live.

Coupling online prescriptions with medicine delivery, straight to your home, makes the whole process of receiving or re-filling your medication very easy and convenient.

Reason 2: Online prescriptions are more secure than paper prescriptions.

Paper prescriptions benefit from having a physical presence, however they can get damaged, lost or forged. With online prescriptions, you are provided with a link via email or SMS to a unique digital token that can only be accessed by your pharmacist.

eScripts are only sent to the intended recipient, where your sensitive information is encrypted behind a unique code that can only be accessed by your pharmacist, preventing forgery and keeping your prescription and personal information secure.

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Reason 3: It is much more convenient to use online prescriptions for pharmacy delivery

When you order your medicine through Chemist2U with an eScript it is a seamless and convenient experience. There is no need for your paper script to be collected and returned to you. You simply upload your eScript as a part of your Chemist2U order, and a pharmacist will dispense your medication before we deliver straight from the chemist to you.

How to order prescriptions online with Chemist2U?

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With Chemist2U, we have made it more convenient than ever to access your prescription medication. Whether you need a new script or a repeat prescription, order online here using visit our website or download the app to ensure you always have your medication when you need it.easily help you order or manage your prescriptions.

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