Is my data safe if I order online prescriptions?

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Delivery, Medicine

Online prescriptions (also known as eScripts) are being used more and more these days and data security is an important aspect. Telehealth consultations mean you can receive an eScript within minutes of an online consultation and now you can complete the process by ordering your medicine with Chemist2U online, where we offer convenient same day delivery to your door within metro areas.

Online prescriptions require an exchange of data between you and your pharmacist, where your personal information is needed for the transaction to be completed. This can include your name, address, details of your prescription, the prescriber and pharmacy details.

There are measures taken by both the government and the pharmacists that ensure your data provided in your online prescriptions is protected.

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Secure storage of your information.

When you receive your online prescription, a unique QR code is provided which encrypts your personal information, so that it cannot be accessed without the unique code. The information contained within the unique QR code can only be accessed by authorised parties, in this case, being your pharmacist and healthcare professional issuing it.

Online prescriptions are only sent to the intended user

Online prescriptions are only sent to the intended user, where the unique QR code is sent via email or SMS. Access to the QR code is only available to those with access to that phone number or email.

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How does Chemist2U keep your online prescription data safe?

At Chemist2U, we ensure that all data included in your online prescription is only available to the pharmacist and your prescriber (for example, your GP). All online prescriptions are reviewed by a pharmacist, before the order is placed and the delivery is confirmed.

An eScript can only be used once, so online prescriptions need to be re-sent each time a refill of medicine is needed. You will receive a new eScript via email or SMS, which you can provide Chemist2U each time you need a refill on your prescription. Each eScript contains a unique QR code, where the information from one online prescription can only be accessed once.

If you are in need of an online prescription, Chemist2U has the medicine when you need it. Straight from the Chemist to you. Click here to find out more with our same day delivery.


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