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Service is absolutely amazing


The customer service is absolutely amazing, they are great people. Service is smooth, and the delivery is so quick I couldn’t believe it the first time I had ordered. The online pharmacy app is also very helpful. Thank you so much Chemist2U employees.

Excellent service


Excellent service. Pharmacists called the next day to check that I was comfortable with the script/medication

Order tracking


I have used Chemist2U for about 12 months and found the app very easy to use and order on. The call centre has been friendly and helpful if any problems. Plus delivery is same day and has a helpful tracking of order.

Fast, reliable and efficient


I came across online pharmacy Chemist2U a couple of months ago and have been using it for my weekly medication since then. It’s fast, reliable and efficient for a full time Mum.

Customer communication is next level


The prompt service and customer communication is next level. Highly recommend this online pharmacy service.

Website user friendly


Great service. The website is user friendly and meds delivered that afternoon. Easy!

Super convenient


Fantastic, user-friendly app. Super convenient online chemist had delivery same day. Recommend highly!

Easy to use


Quick and easy to use, would recommend. So good to get my medication delivered to my door.

Delivered within an hour


Had my first experience using Chemist2U. Had Brandon assist and get my medications delivered within an hour of placing the order. Highly impressed with the friendly and prompt service provided by Brandon! Will definitely be back again!

Delivered within a couple of hours


I am stuck at home with Covid. I was able to order cold & flu tabs, nasal spray and cough medicine and they were delivered within a couple of hours from a local pharmacy. So convenient, I highly recommend.

Super convenient


Fantastic, user-friendly app. Super convenient online chemist had delivery same day. Recommend highly!

Great advice, amazing service

H Maxwell

Thank you Brandon for making a totally stressful day so easy with some great advice, amazing service and a
same-day delivery.


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From Maroochydore To Noosa: Your reliable chemist Sunshine Coast experience 

Navigating health and wellness on the Sunshine Coast can be quite the journey, and if you’re looking for a chemist Sunshine Coast locals can trust, then Chemist2U might be what you’re looking for.

Chemist2U is an online platform that combines modern innovation with traditional care to turn medication management into an easy task. Not only do we understand your needs regarding managing chronic conditions, but we also understand the urgency behind seeking prescription refills. With our expert team and convenient platform, we bring the pharmacy right to your doorstep.

Discover the convenience of managing your health on the Sunshine Coast, and let’s explore the transforming landscape of Australian chemist services together.

Traditional versus online chemists: A comparison

A closer look at traditional pharmacies and chemists

There are certain advantages and challenges for traditional chemists. 

Traditional pharmacies have been the go-to for rapid prescription fills, on-site health checks like blood pressure measurements and vaccinations, pharmacist consultations, and convenient purchases of personal care products, groceries, and over-the-counter medications.

There are drawbacks to traditional pharmacies, however. Language barriers often pose difficulties for consumers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Limited mobility or transportation issues can also hinder access. Operating hours may also limit access to valuable pharmacy information, especially regarding prescriptions and medicines.

Embracing the digital shift: Online platforms

Given the limits of traditional pharmacies, online platforms have surged in popularity by offering a unique mix of benefits for consumers, including those on the Sunshine Coast.

The benefits of using an online platform include: increased convenience for those with limited mobility or transport, home delivery of medications, potentially lower medication prices, greater privacy, and often a broader selection of products and services. They also allow customers to easily compare available medicines (brand-name or generic) and their prices.

In essence, online platforms offer significant benefits, including convenience, accessibility, and privacy, along with medicine price comparisons and a wider product selection. These are great points to consider if you’re looking for a chemist Sunshine Coast locals approve of, a pharmacy online, or a ‘chemist open late’.

Chemist2U: Reimagining pharmacy services

At Chemist2U, we are passionate about reimagining the traditional pharmacy experience, and our mission is to enhance customer convenience and access to essential medicines. 

Our values mirror our purpose:

  • Compassion. We genuinely care about our customers and are always ready to assist with any queries about their medication.
  • Convenience. We acknowledge the need for an accessible and efficient pharmacy service, especially for those with mobility restrictions.
  • Expertise. Our dedicated pharmacy and customer care teams are industry professionals committed to providing unparalleled service.
  • Innovation. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance the customer experience.
  • Quality. Above all, we deliver top-notch products and services to our customers.

Chemist2U is changing the game when it comes to access to medications, offering accessibility, affordability, and personalised care, so you don’t have to look further for a chemist Sunshine Coast can rely on.

Benefits of a Script Tracker for medication management

Script Tracker, a powerful medication tracking feature in the Chemist2U app, offers substantial benefits for medication management. This feature helps customers by minimising the risk of medication dispensation errors, promoting safe medication use, and saving time and money with refill reminders. 

The Chemist2U app also facilitates seamless interaction with our pharmacists regarding general medication enquiries without compromising privacy.

Chemist2U is devoted to offering superior customer care and support, aiming to make your journey to improved health as easy as possible. Paired with excellent customer support and same-day or next-day delivery services, our Script Tracker feature aims to revolutionise medication management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services do chemists on the Sunshine Coast provide?

Whether you’re in Noosa or Caloundra, if you’re looking for a chemist Sunshine Coast locals can trust, you might be wondering about the services that these pharmacies provide. Here are some of their services:

  • medication distribution or pick-up;
  • health check-ups like blood pressure monitoring;
  • access to expert pharmacist advice;
  • prescription filing service for repeating medications;
  • medication reviews and comparisons; and
  • availability of over-the-counter medicines, goods, and other products.

Essentially, chemists on the Sunshine Coast offer a plethora of services that aim to meet customers’ medication comprehensively. In comparison, the same services are also generally available across the country’s pharmacies, as a cursory search for ‘chemist Brisbane’ or ‘chemist Hobart, may show.

That being said, online platforms like Chemist2U further expand on these services by providing greater access to much-needed medicines and information. With Chemist2U, customers can track their prescriptions through our Script Tracker feature, simplifying the refill process for medications as well as accessing chemist-to-doorstep delivery services.

Can I buy antibiotics over the counter?

A doctor must prescribe antibiotics before you can buy them from a pharmacy. 

There is one exception: In Queensland, women aged 18 to 65 can get antibiotics without a prescription for uncomplicated urinary tract infections.

What are some alternatives to traditional chemists if I need my prescriptions delivered?

If you need your prescriptions delivered, online platforms like Chemist2U are efficient alternatives for services you’d expect from a chemist Sunshine Coast trusts.

Chemist2U offers home delivery not just for medications but also for other pharmacy products, such as over-the-counter medicines or goods. Same-day delivery is available in select areas.

Our commitment extends beyond the Sunshine Coast but to all corners of Australia as well. Whether you’re searching for a chemist Adelaide-wide, a chemist Perth locals like, or a chemist Canberra trusts, Chemist2U aims to deliver a seamless service that saves you from queuing at the pharmacy.  

We’re not just about dispensing prescriptions but also about compassionate care. Our Australia-based pharmacists happily assist customers with their orders and queries about medication. We also offer our innovative Script Tracker, a tool that keeps all your scripts in one place, ensuring your medication is always ready when you need it at no additional cost.

We want every Australian to enjoy the comfort and convenience of receiving medications right at their doorstep, no matter where they live. Order your prescription medication online through Chemist2U today.