Uber Chemist: Chemist2U pharmacies are available on Uber Eats 

Uber has transformed food delivery, and you can now order from Chemist2U partner pharmacies on the Uber Eats platform. But first consider the benefits of ordering here, directly with Chemist2U. 

The benefits of ordering directly with Chemist2U


Chemist2U offers a complete solution for convenience, affordability and staying on top of your medication.


Prescription medication

A qualified pharmacist will fill your prescriptions for same-day delivery*. Whereas prescription medication delivery is not available with Uber Eats. 

Over the counter medication

We also provide over the counter medications which you can add to your order. From cold and flu, through to antihistamines.

Never run out

We’ll send you timely reminders to reorder. We keep track and let you know when you need to renew your script or get a medication refill.

Don't pay more

All Concession Card and Safety Net discounts are available.

Customer support

Backed by a caring Australia-based customer care team. Available 9am to 9pm (SYD), 7 days a week

Free delivery

When your order is $75+ or includes 3 or more scripts.

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Last updated 1 May 2024

Discover the Chemist2U difference with same day delivery of medication and pharmacy products  

Chemist2U offers the convenience of same day delivery of all the medication and pharmacy goods you need. Offering direct access to prescription medications and a comprehensive range of over-the-counter medications and general pharmacy goods, Chemist2U is making medication easy! 

With our Australia-based team of pharmacists and dispense technicians, we ensure that your important medication and wellness products are always our top priority.  

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    Uber Chemist: Chemist2U pharmacies are available on UberEats

    When ordering directly from Chemist2U 

    For your convenience, Chemist2U offers delivery through other easily accessible platforms such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. However, ordering directly through Chemist2U is cost-effective and provides you with more options. 

    • Include prescription medications when you order direct from Chemist2U. Scripts are filled by qualified pharmacists before being delivered to your door.

    • No Uber Eats/DoorDash platform fees. Further, we provide an exclusive offer for new customers: Enjoy free delivery on your first order to experience the difference yourself.

    • The same broad selection of over-the-counter medications and pharmacy goods that are available via Uber Eats and Door Dash.

    Make medication easy by choosing Chemist2U 

    Choosing Chemist2U means joining a community of customers that value health, convenience and support. We provide easy and same-day access to pharmacy products, so you and your family’s health needs are taken care of quickly and without fuss. 


    With Chemist2U, enjoy the convenience of same day delivery. Our commitment to offering accessible and affordable pharmacy services, backed by our amazing customer service team, is why 150,000 Australians have made their medication easy with Chemist2U. 

    Order with Chemist2U right now! Take advantage of our special welcome offer for free delivery on your first order by submitting your email below. 

    All your medical needs, delivered to your door

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    • Diabetes medication
      We stock diabetes medication
    • Prescription medication
      We fill most scripts, except S8s
    • Over the counter medication
      From band-aids to baby care needs
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    Weight loss, diabetes and other prescription medications delivered to your door

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