Chemist2U’s online pharmacy delivery app.

The Chemist2U app is the most convenient place to order your medication online for same day delivery.

Uploading your prescriptions is simple, plus you can keep them all in one place and even receive reminders when it’s time to reorder. Download the Chemist2U app today!

All your medication needs, delivered to your door

Access all these benefits with the Chemist2U app.

Prescription medication

We deliver all script medications (except S8s)

Over the counter medication

Cold and flu, through to antihistamines

Never run out

We’ll send you timely reminders to reorder

Expert and reliable

Scripts filled by qualified pharmacists and delivered to your door

Customer support

Backed by a Australia-based customer care team. Available 9am to 9pm (SYD), 7 days a week

Choice and convenience

Same day delivery slots and Express Post 

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Last updated 9 May 2024

Make medication easy with Chemist2U’s online pharmacy delivery app 

At Chemist2U, we prioritise your health by ensuring timely access to medications and other pharmacy goods. The digital age has encouraged new solutions to traditional challenges such as ordering your medication through a simple app on your phone. Our online pharmacy delivery app was built so you can conveniently have your medications and pharmacy products delivered to your door, when you need themChemist2U has combined easy to use technology and same-day delivery to make medication easy for Australians. 

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The convenience of online pharmacy delivery 

The Chemist2U app offers you the convenience of getting your medication delivered to your door with just a few simple taps on your screen. By allowing users to have their medications delivered directly to their homes, these services allow you to avoid physically visiting a pharmacy. This is particularly beneficial for busy individuals, or anyone that wants to make their medication easy and avoid repeated trips to and from traditional pharmacies. 

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Same day delivery

Weight loss, diabetes and other prescription medications delivered to your door

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Enhanced medication management 

Same day delivery is just the start of how Chemist2U makes medication easy for our customers. Chemist2U is designed to support our customers in managing their medication routines more effectively. The app includes a service that notifies users when it’s time to refill their prescription or when a new script is needed. Plus, it enables all scripts to be kept in one place so that users are always on top of their medication. This helps to ensure our customers do not miss doses or run out of their medication and that their health enjoys the benefits of home delivery of medication. 

How it works 

Getting your medications has never been simpler with Chemist2U. Just download the app, and you’re a few taps away from browsing a wide range of over-the-counter medications, pharmacy products, and uploading your prescriptions.

Your order will be expertly handled by qualified pharmacists from local pharmacies across Australia, ensuring your scripts are accurately filled and delivered straight to your door, along with any other pharmacy products that you ordered. It’s medication management made easy, ensuring your health needs are prioritised with every order. 

Looking Ahead 

As we move forward, the transformation of pharmacy services through digital platforms like Chemist2U is making healthcare easy. By leveraging technology, online pharmacy delivery apps are increasingly enhancing health outcomes. With convenience, reliability, and support at their core, these apps are set to become an integral part of healthcare, simplifying medication management for Australians everywhere. 

Embrace the future of healthcare with Chemist2U and experience a new level of convenience in managing your health and well-being. Download the Chemist2U app today. 

All your medical needs, delivered to your door

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  • Diabetes medication
    We stock diabetes medication
  • Prescription medication
    We fill most scripts, except S8s
  • Over the counter medication
    From band-aids to baby care needs
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Same day delivery

Weight loss, diabetes and other prescription medications delivered to your door

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