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Need a Script ?

As a general rule we recommend you get your medication prescribed by your own GP.

We know sometimes this can be difficult, so we have partnered with InstantScripts to help cover those situations where you need a script to get your medicine delivered in a hurry

Fast, safe and secure online scripts issued by a Certified Australian GP and delivered by Chemist2U.

How it works.

  1. Select from over 300 common medications.
  2. Your script will be issued by Certified Australian GP.
  3. Chemist2U will notify you when your script order is ready.
  4. Sit back and relax, your medication is on it’s way to your door.

InstantScripts® is the ‘Doctor in your pocket’ that takes the hassle out of your healthcare.

With online scripts, Telehealth consultations and delivery straight to your door, InstantScripts® is backed by real, Australian, RACGP certified doctors to make managing your health as easy, convenient and safe as possible.