Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Why should I use Chemist2U?

Chemist2U was created with the primary aim of helping Australians access their medicine quicker and easier than ever. Our service offers a level of convenience never seen before, saving customers crucial time and energy.

For many Australians, going to the pharmacy can be inconvenient or unsafe, and we aim to remove that burden. Our app and website are simple platforms that allow users to immediately order what they need at the click of a button.

If you are a repeat prescription user, we can keep you on track by storing your medical profile and reminding you when you require a re-stock.

Where does Chemist2U operate?

Chemist2U operates in all capital cities and major regional areas across Australia.

In rural and remote areas we fill electronic prescriptions (not paper prescriptions) via Australia Post, with delivery within three or four days.

To find out whether Chemist2U can deliver to you, simply type in your address at the top of the Shop Now page.

What type of medicine can I buy from Chemist2U?

The Chemist2U catalogue contains the majority of products found in retail pharmacy. To order over-the-counter medications simply browse the catalogue and “add to cart”.

All prescription medications, other than Schedule 8 medications, are available for dispensing and same day delivery from our pharmacy network.

To order prescription medications you will need a valid prescription. Simply upload a photo or scan of your paper script, or a screenshot of your electronic prescription.

Can I get over-the-counter & prescription medicine at Chemist2U?

Yes, you can order both over-the-counter items as well as prescription medications via the Chemist2U app or website.
How do I order my prescription online when my doctor has given me a paper script?

We allow you to upload a photo or scan of your paper script (or a screenshot of your electronic prescriptions).

Once your prescription has been validated, you will receive a notification to review your order and make final payment prior to delivery.

One difference with paper scripts is the legal requirement for them to be returned to the dispensing pharmacy. Chemist2U takes care of this via a dedicated courier and a Paper Script Collection & Return Fee of $8.95 applies. 

If yours is a paper script, your repeats will be delivered to you with your medication. 

What is a Paper Script Collection & Return Fee?

Due to a recent change in legislation, dispensing from a photo of a prescription is no longer allowed.  With paper prescriptions, therefore, it is now a legal requirement that they are delivered back to the pharmacy prior to dispensing.

Chemist2U takes care of this via a dedicated courier that collects the customer’s paper script and delivers it back to their local, Chemist2U partner pharmacy. A Paper Script Collection & Return Fee of $8.95 is charged for this service.

There is no Script Collection & Return Fee with electronic prescriptions! 

All medicines can be dispensed via electronic prescriptions. These electronic prescriptions do not require collection and therefore the Script Collection and Return fee does not apply.    

Just ask your doctor to email, or SMS, your electronic prescription.   

Does Chemist2U take repeats into account?

Yes, with paper prescriptions your repeat prescription will be printed at the pharmacy and sent back with your medication. (This should be attached with the customer copy of the original script to enable you to reorder.)

With electronic prescriptions, repeats are issued via SMS or email.  A convenient and increasingly popular option!


What happens if my prescription has expired or run out?

If your prescription has expired, or you’ve just ordered your last repeat, you will need to see your GP to obtain a new prescription.

Alternatively, you can access instant, online prescriptions for a range of medications through our website and via our partner, InstantScripts. Click here for more information.

Can I make an order for someone else if they need my help or are in my care?

Yes, if you are ordering for someone outside your household, enter their address as the delivery address and upload an image of their prescription.  If this is a paper prescription, it will need to be collected from the recipient so that it can be taken to the dispensing pharmacy.

When ordering prescription medication you will also create a medical profile for the recipient.  A medical profile includes important information for the dispensing pharmacist, regarding allergies, other medications etc. 

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my order?

Please contact our customer service team by either calling 1300-22-32-32 or using our online chat function, which you click to open in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. You can also email us at

Find out more here.

Does Chemist2U charge more for prescriptions?

No. All prescription pricing is based on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme’s (PBS) Dispensed Price for Maximum Quantity (DMPQ) – which provides a saving of between $5 to $6 for each prescription order, versus the PBS General Patient Charge.

Concession card holders pay the concession price of $6.80 per PBS script and receive their Safety Net benefits.

How does Chemist2U work?

Once you have downloaded our app or visited our website, you enter your delivery address and start browsing the various categories of pharmacy products, adding what you need to your cart.

If you require a prescription, you simply upload a photo or scan of your script which will be processed by one of our partner pharmacies. Once a script has been approved, you will be notified and you can then review the order and make final payment.

Once your order is placed, you will be given an estimated delivery timeframe.

With paper prescription orders, we are required to first collect your script and return it to the dispensing pharmacy before delivering your medication, along with your copy of the original script and any repeats. 

If there are any issues with your order, our customer service team are available.


How simple is Chemist2U to use?

Chemist2U is very simple to use and like many online shopping platforms where you can add products to your cart and checkout using your address and card details. If you are ordering a prescription, you can simply take a photo of your prescription which, once submitted, is quickly approved by a pharmacist.

After ordering, you will receive SMS updates to confirm everything is in order and on track. If at any time there are issues or you need help, our customer service team are available here.

Information about delivery

What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery is free of charge with orders of $60+, or those that include three or more prescriptions.  

A delivery charge of $8.95 ($7 for concession card holders) applies to all other orders. 

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

If you order before the indicated cut off time displayed after entering your address, you’ll receive your pharmacy delivery that day. Once payment is received we will confirm your delivery time.

Do I have to be home to receive my Chemist2U order?

You need to be at home to accept your order. This is because it is important the person who made the order receives their medicine or prescription themselves.

Alternatively, you can nominate a different adult in the household to receive the delivery. If you will not be home at the time of delivery, please let our customer service team know so we can make alternative arrangements for you.

How do I know if Chemist2U is available in my area?

When opening our app, or at the top of the Shop Now page on this website, you can enter your address and see availability and delivery times in your area.

What if I cannot find the product I am looking for?

If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, contact our customer service team via phone, chat or email and they will help you find a suitable alternative.

Contact our customer service team here.

With may pharmacies offering delivery, what are the benefits of Chemist2U?

At Chemist2U, our goal is to allow Australians to access the medicine they need without the hassle of waiting in queues at the pharmacy.

Chemist2U provides a simple and efficient alternative to ordering by phone, hand-delivering your script to the pharmacy and then often waiting days for your medication to arrive. Within a few minutes, you can place your order from your device and it will be delivered straight from the chemist to you. Same-day, or next-day, subject to the time of your order.

Chemist2U’s Pharmacy & Customer Care team are available to provide general advice about your medication and assist you with orders if required.  Contact them here.

* We are currently offering free delivery on all prescription orders & non prescription orders over $60 (excluding Rapid Antigen Tests). The delivery fee for non prescription orders under $60 is $8.95 (excluding Rapid Antigen Tests). Plus, for orders including paper scripts, a Script Collection and Return fee of $8.95 applies. 

Delivery estimates are based on pharmacy business hours. This is subject to Chemist 2U’s confirmation of your order and is a guideline only. If an order is confirmed, Chemist 2U will use reasonable endeavours to deliver your order to the relevant address by the time stipulated in the app, though we cannot guarantee this. Factors that may change the delivery time include when an order is confirmed and paid (e.g. if it is paid outside of designated delivery or order hours), or any adverse weather, traffic or other events. We will contact you as soon as possible in the event of an unavoidable delay to make alternative arrangements.

You should not rely on Chemist 2U’s predicted delivery times or service availability to guarantee access to your health and medical needs. Any medication that is critical to your health or required to be taken on a strict schedule should be ordered well ahead of time, and you should not rely on Chemist 2U for urgent deliveries. Chemist 2U is a distribution provider and does not sell therapeutic goods.

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